Yes, I do love writing books. So much that I haven't taken the time to have any of them published. A New Year's Resolution is to publish all of them in 2017. Please check out my library of books that I have written and return for a publishing date.

Lord Daar's Deceitful Wife

Lord Trever thought he was marrying a whey-faced country spinster. He is furious when he discovers his wife is not what he thought her to be.


Lord Steele's Seduction


Lord Vernon enters the wrong bedchamber and discovers a nearly naked woman. He never expect the prim and proper Miss Wynter to ask him to stay. 



Deceiving The Duke of Darkley

Adrianna is stunned to find herself shifted through time, from the 21th centruy to a 18th century ballroom. Now all she needs to figure out is how to avoid marrying a perverted baron.


Captain Lady Cassandra

Lady Cassandra gives up her life as the pirate and returns to London and her life as Lady Cassandra. Now all she needs to do if evade being captured by the most dangerous man in England.


Blake's Bigfoots - Book One

Tawny Austin finds herself surrounded by seven Bigfoots on Seven Devils Road on the Oregon Coast. She is furious when her cowardly fiance races into the forest leaving her alone with the huge creatures.


Kasa's Bigfoot - Book Two


The governor of Oregon is missing. Kasa knows where to find him but there is a problem. There must be something she can say to convince the tribe of Oregon Bigfoots to release him. 


Kissed By A Ghost - Book One

Daredevil stuntman Landon Devon purchases a house on the Oregon Coast haunted by hybrid ghosts and a Blue Flame.


Kissing A Ghost - Book Two

The confused Blue Flame is trying to turn Trent Anders into a ghost. Can he find a woman that will be willing to save him from this terrible fate.