Books by Patricia Ann Yates
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Historical Romance






Lord Vernon is shocked to find himself in Miss Wynter's bed.
Soon to be published.More






Lord Trever didn't know he had married a beauty.
Soon to be published.More

Adrianna needs to avoid marrying an ugly lord.
Soon to be published.


Lady Cassandra wants revenge against the lord she is to marry.
In progressMore

Major Trevor is trapped into marrying a dimwitted woman.
Future Book

Lord Wynter is threatened by a dangerous devious woman.
Future Book



Paranormal Romance

Landon wakes up. A ghost is in his bed. A very pretty ghost that lkisses him. More
Soon to be published.

Tawny's car breaks down. Her car is surrounded by seven strange creatures.More
Soon to be published

The governor of Oregon is missing. Most think he was kidnapped. More
In progres



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