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Historical Romance






Lord Trever puposely married an unattractive country spinster. He to upset when he discovers his wife is not what he thought her to be.
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Lord Vernon ends up int the wrong bedchamber and discovers a nearly naked woman. He didn't expect the prim and proper Miss Wyntere to ask him to stay.
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Adrianna is stunned to find herself travsported from the 21th century to an 18th century ballroom. And her so-called father wants her to marry a perverted baron.
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Lord Wyntere is flabergasted when he becomes the most pursued man of the Season. Dropped handkerceifs, swooning girls, and ladies in places they shouldn't be.

Barely escaping from a trap set by the most dangerous man in England, Lady Cassandra fives up her life as a pirate and goes back to her life as Lady Canssandra.
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Blake is dedicated to saving endanged species. His list includes the Sasquatches living in Oregon. Josh wants to destroy them. Tawny is in love with Blake and engaged to Josh.
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Paranormal Romance

Tthe governor of Oregon is missing. Kasa knows where to find him... there must be a way to convince the sasquatches to let him go.
Future Book.

Landon wakes up and finds a ghost in his bed.
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Ghosts are suppose to be cheerful. Like Casper. Kathleen's house ghosts are moody and annoying .
Future Book



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